Omar Diop

Tamsir, dj et chef cuisinier, 2013
Series: Le studio des vanités
Hahnemühle paper
60x60 cm
Courtesy de l'artiste


Omar Victor Diop was born in 1980, and he lives and works mostly in Dakar, Senegal. He is a Senegalese photographer whose body of work stretches from conceptual fine arts projects to fashion photography and staged portraits. His conceptual projects offer an unusual interpretation of contemporary social phenomena, such as the relationship between consumption habits and notions of identity.

One of Omar Victor’s most internationally acclaimed projects is ONOMOllywood (2013). In this project, in a collaboration with co-author and French-American photographer Antoine Tempé, a French-American photographer, Diop reinterprets stills form Hollywood’s greatest movies, staging them in an African contemporary context.

Omar Victor is currently building a portfolio of staged portraits in a series called The Studio of Vanities, which is an attempt to document the diversity and richness of Africa’s current art scenes. This project is currently being exhibited at La Maison de l’Afrique (Paris) and in Màlaga’s the Alliance Française.

Omar Victor’s work has been exhibited at numerous international exhibitions, among them the African Biennial of Photography of Bamako (2011), the Biennial of African Contemporary Arts of Dakar (2012), the International Encounters of Photography of Arles in France (2012), the Biennial of the South in Panama City (2013), the Biennial of African Contemporary Arts of Dakar (2014), and Paris-Photo Los Angeles (2014).


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