Emma Chubb

Emma Chubb [1] is an American researcher, scholar, art historian and currently a Ph.D. candidate in art history at Northwestern University, in Evanston, IL. Her research focuses on the representation of Moroccan national identity (“Moroccanness”) in contemporary art and official visual culture. Chubb’s entry point to this inquisitive quest was the contemporary postcolonial Maghrebi literature she was introduced to while at Haverford College. She first went to Morocco in 2007 and since then, many awards and traveling grants later, this serene force is revising, re-writing and re-thinking the art history of Morocco after 1999.

Chubb has been the recipient of the American Institute for Maghreb Studies Long-Term Research Grant (2013-14), a Critical Language Scholarship for Arabic Study (2007), as well as several grants from Northwestern University, including the Paris Program in Critical Theory (2012-13) and the Crown Family Middle East Travel Award (2011).

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