M’barek Bouhchichi

Arbres, 2016
Métal fondu /moulage
Dimensions variables
Courtesy de l’artiste


Born in 1975, Akka, Morocco, he lives and works in Tahanaout next to Marrakech where he teaches art. Using painting, sculpture, drawing or even video, M’barek Bouhchichi develops his work through a tentative language grounded on the exploration of the limits between our internal discourse and its extension towards the outer world, the actual, the other. He places his works at the crossroad between the aesthetic and the social, exploring associated fields as possibilities for self-definition.

Exhibiting in various galleries both in Morocco and abroad, he makes his plastic work go beyond belonging to a single culture. The artist himself, driven by a universal vision, cannot join his work into the boundary of one culture that would be exclusive of other cultures which the artist says owe recognition and gratitude to. His exhibitions’ openings can’t go unnoticed. From Marrakech to Ponte Verda and from Paris to Sao Paolo, the artist places his work under the plural and multifaceted look of art admirers, in return his work earns consistency and a constant urge into others to question the artistic practice of painting implemented by the artist and which was up to this point his own.



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